Il Fatto Quotidiano: the Italian idea exported across Europe

A game to come out of the shadows. A kick at a ball to remind the world that if you are a child you have the right to play with your parents. Even if they are in prison.

The Game with Mum and Dad is back, a day when prisoners can play sport with their children and be together outside the visiting areas. For the first time, the whistle blows not only in Italian prisons but also in Catalan, Belgian, Dutch, Polish, Scottish and Swiss prisons. Each prison chooses how to organise the meeting according to the spaces and resources it has.

In the more structured institutions, families play the game in a real outdoor football field for six hours and have lunch together. In other cases, families make do with a small indoor field or table football. There are approximately one hundred thousand children with a mother or father in prison in Italy, 2.2 million in Europe, 22.5 million worldwide.

The aim of the day is to guarantee a right enshrined in article nine of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and Adolescent, that of maintaining the bond between child and parent. Even if detained.